About M.A. Leal

Author M A Leal Author M A Leal had an idyllic childhood in Barbados, with two loving and inspirational parents and one very calm, younger brother. Childhood experiences shaped her life when she realised, at the age of six, that silent contemplation in Nature - sitting by a Caribbean sea - was a wise and supportive element when problem solving. Faced with a prospect of devastation, the young girl decided that it felt better to expect the best from the situation, instead of fearing the worst. The result was educational, in confirming her youthful suspicions. She had taught herself one vital element of The Miracle Code, through desperate necessity. From there, life was never totally free of challenges, pain, sorrow and disappointment but having that arm of Nature on which to lean in difficult times, proved a blessing of a habit when she became an adult.

Mercedes Leal She became best pals with abstract qualities, like Awareness and Perception, which made her geeky at school but that geekiness also saved her sanity, when schoolfriends developed into their high heels and patent leather jackets, while she remained in puff sleeved dresses and short ankle socks. Twenty years later, she was glad that she had stretched her childhood years to their maximum. It gave the best platform for an adulthood of artistic creativity and a level of inner contentment which began to grow exponentially from that devastating challenge at the age of nearly seven. She began to watch her mother's way of living: loving, thoughtful and kind, and agreed with her mother that purest love was the most powerful force on Planet Earth.

In later years, when her mother became 'imminently' terminally ill, the author gave up all in her life to care personally for her Mum. Despite the official medical prognosis, her mother continued to live happily - though not free from occasional emergencies- for another almost sixteen years. The Miracle Code was taking shape.