What Helped Me When I Was Tired

I forced myself to take a break – even 15 minutes with feet up and mind emptied can make a difference. Putting two or three wafer thin, fresh slices of cool cucumber, chilled from a fridge, over closed eyes is a great refresher. However, this is just a rare action and if you are TATT (tired all the time) do please visit your physician or see a qualified and experienced naturopath. It’s not a good idea to fight the body’s warning signs! Nature’s ways of communication are subtle but vitally important.

I sipped a big glass of water slowly, rather than guzzled. Prevention of dehydration is better, but tiredness can sometimes mean we are lacking hydration – but it has to be good quality, untainted, purest water: not tea, coffee, cola or fruit juices. It is better to measure a daily quantity in glass or ceramic bottles or jugs and sip throughout the day. I noticed that when I was properly hydrated, I had fewer allergic responses to foods. Keeping hydrated also stopped my skin from drying, especially in the winter. OK, we may get freaky now for some but I sent thoughts to my glass and its liquid contents. Why? I hear you ask. Well, in studies in Germany, which were originally ridiculed, it was found that water does have a memory, so by focusing my wishes for my body upon the water in the glass, I was imprinting my desire to be healthy and energised, appreciating all the beneficial effects that the water would have on me.

I soaked a flannel in cold water and put it on my forehead, pressed it on the back of my neck and then put on a fan its lowest setting, so that it felt cool on my face.

I turned on a little room-scenting vaporiser and added organic essential peppermint oil into a little water into the special part of the device. Rosemary essential oil is also great if you need a creative mind.

I made a mental note to get to bed before 10.00pm. The Chinese body clock enthusiasts say that a major organ is repaired on the hour during sleep. As the liver is one of first of those repaired, it makes sense to be in bed before this happens, but all organs are vital!! Tiredness is a warning to be taken seriously.

I opened windows to let in fresh air and oxygen and inhaled deeply through my nose and out through my mouth. However, if you live on a busy main road, that is probably not the wisest thing to do! Find a nearby forest or park instead. I also started taking longer walks in a nearby park with a pair of adorable dogs. I checked my diet, cut down on coffee to one cup three times a week and avoided sugar. I ate more alkaline foods and did more meditation and affirmations to get myself into better habits. Affirmations may seem a bit bleugggh to some, but the subconscious mind is a very obedient servant. It delivers what we tell it when we’re not really thinking, so that grim article we are reading, the idle, speculative gossip just for fun, and the revenge you may feel for anyone at all will be dictating your tomorrow. It’s helpful to become Aware and to let angry ideas go through, so there’s no suppression, but then become aware that you CAN and WILL upgrade your thoughts, so that one day it will be a habit. Habits take at least three weeks to form, sometimes longer – and some never get past the first day! If it is important to you, if it means something good for you, you will wish to make these changes for a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life.


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